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I have always wanted to go to Kalinga, for I have never been there, ever.

I was always fascinated with the Kalinga tribes, Macling-Dulag’s opposition to the mighty Chico-River Dam, the Kalinga brew, Musang coffee, white-water rafting, Balweg’s exploits and the red mountain rice.


Finally, I was in Tabuk with Professor Alex Brillantes talking to Mayor Lammawin and the Matagoan Bodong Council on their unique peace initiatives.

In the 1980’s Tabuk was a “pulpuligan” or killing fields.  Then, the idea of Matagoan or Zone of Peace... Zone of life was adopted by the people to settle tribal feuds and conflicts, prevent violence, and promote peace and foster development.

 Mayor Lammawin

Mayor Camilo Lammawin Jr, in his last term, and the tribal leaders of the Matagoan briefed us on the following peace concepts being practiced:

  • Start the Matagoan in a specified jurisdiction or manageable area (BOGIS), for better monitoring
  • NO GOPAS of Bodong (No severance of peace pact).
  • PAPOD (a carabao or its equivalent in money) should be given at once to the aggrieved by the perpetrator
  • DORNAT of Bodong (warming up or renewal of peace pact should be done regularly)

With relative peace, Mayor Lammawin is proud that slowly the capital town of Tabuk is drawing more and more investors into the province while local products such as organic red rice, Kalinga brand of coffee and local tourism are slowly picking up.

The Matagoan Peace Warriors should be tapped in the peace process in Mindanao!


Dok Eddie

Sept 10, 2009

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