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Written by Dr. Eddie Dorotan   
The Gospel of Good Governance According to Grace Padaca
(Reaction by Dr. Eddie Dorotan to the lecture delivered by Gov Padaca)

When I was asked months ago who I think deserve to be given the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Government Service, I immediately thought of three people: Jess Robredo, Among Ed Panlilio and Grace Padaca.

  The three represent what we utterly need in government right now: innovation, performance, ethical leadership, humility, fighting spirit, inspiration and hope.

In Grace Padaca, the person and her message is one.

What she said today, what she did for Isabela is truly a gospel on good governance, a gospel that lifts one’s spirit and challenges the core value of service.
Let me reiterate the gospel of good governance according to Grace:
  1. Do not limit your dreams to what you think you can achieve the least. Do the best you can!
  2. Be a certified public accountant and a certified public announcer at the same time. Account and inform your people for what you have done
  3. Run and fight, and even if you lose, have peace of mind.  It is worth it.
  4. Governance is very difficult.  If they cannot kill your body, everyday they will try to kill your spirit. Be brave to go on fighting and hope that your bravery will infect others
  5. Brick by Brick, use this one incredible chance given to you to finally change the course of your community and country’s history.
  6. Use power to do good things. Use it to uplift the conditions of so many poor people. Use it to give strength to the weak. Use it to empower the common man.
  7. Hangarin ko sa mga kapwa ko na nakikibaka dahil sa prinsipyo ng katarungan para sa mga mahihirap ay sana makabawas man lang ako sa mga dahilan ng kanilang paghihimagsik sa pamamagitan ng pagtugon sa kanilang mga hinaing. Respond to the calls for justice!
  8. Beware of people using the poor people for their sake. One of the most difficult things is when politicians and capitalists exploit the poverty of people to prevent what is right and just.  But, with your two small feet, stand your ground.  Continue to educate our people and free them from the selfish interests of those who have long been exploiting them.
  9. There is something more important beyond our own personal beliefs and that is that we elect only the right people to lead us.
  10. Leaders who give our people hope, also need to be encouraged and  also need to be uplifted.  Governance can really be overwhelming and sometimes frightening.  But the good news is so many of our fellow Filipinos  support those who fight for what is right.

For this gospel of good governance, maraming salamat po Grace.
You have fired up our hearts and inspired us to do better.
For we truly deserve better!

Kaya Natin!

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